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Kid magazine "Pif Gadget" and the solar balloon

pif gadget In July 1981, a special edition, of PIF Gadget has been published by the "Editions Vaillant". The gadget is a "dirigeable solaire" (solar balloon) : a big cylinder displaying the colors of Pif and RTL(radio station). Characteristic : 3 meters long, 70 cm of diameter, made of polyethylene plastic film 5 microns.






pif gadgetIn June 1982, Pif Gadget sells again a special edition: "Le Nouveau Pif et son gadget spécial". The same gadget again :
- a users manual very well made, explain to the kids how to inflate and use this solar balloon.
- article about the "lighter as air" (not scanned).
- a cartoon "Léonard" (not scanned).
- a cartoon "Pif le chien" illustrate the theme.
- a back cover a fake hoax...
To see this edition of "Pif Gadget" (it took us 1 year to find it !)...
Pif Gadget - Juin 1982 - Le dirigeable solaire (in french)


It appear that this gadget probably was not made by Pif-Gadget but copied. The same was available in England, en Germany and even in south America.
Today it is available to buy on some sites :
- Explore ! on the page "Solar toys"
- Société suisse pour l'énergie solaire SSES (in french)

To find back all Pif-Gadget universe, look the excellent french site Pif-collection.


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