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Laurent BESSET, The solar balloon

Spring 2000, Laurent BESSET discover the solar balloon on the. After meeting Jean-Paul DOMEN and GĂ©rard AUVRAY, he decide to continue the Jean-Paul DOMEN project.
Laurent BESSET also build a electronic card performing 2 functions :
- automatically stabilize the flight altitude : a software controls the opening and closing off a valve at the top of the balloon, a servo control wind up or unwind the string controlling the valve.
- it is also used as a multipurpose flight instrument : it does display all the needed parameter for manual control : altitude, inner temperature outside temperature, distance envelope to valve, battery power level.
The summer 2000 used to check and perform all the calculations and tests : envelope (template, build method , sizing of the valve , the rip panel, rotation panel), loading circle link to the polyethylene envelope en), harness ballast (fastening on the loading circle ), stuff for inflating ("fabric" on ground, fan, teetering) and building the altitude control.

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The build a 14,5m diameter solar balloon was conducted the 3 January 2001 (8 hours job for 4 people), then the balloon was finished the following month.
During he summer 2001 some tethered flight test with 11 m and 14,5 m balloon many indoor tests of the electronic (altitude mode auto pilot) : simulating altitude variation, distance envelope to valve variation, software modifications. Creation of a miniballon build able in a living room by any body.
More test from Laurent BESSET in the pages Actualité - Essais en cours (in french)


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