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Use of the 4m (13 ft) diameter solar balloon

Note : 1 meter = nearly 3 ft (3,28 ft), 1 yard (1,093 yard) or 39 inch (39,37). Measure are decimal in this page (1.5 ft = 1 and a half ft)

ballon 4m

Required hardware :

Setup (getting ready)

To inflate the balloon it is needed to :

dégonflage du ballon de 4m attention !Be careful to the wind !
As soon as the string is tightened the balloon will behave like a spinnaker sail and will be deflated and dragged down...

Rules for a free flight :

dégonflage du ballon de 4mIn order to launch a balloon for a free flight it is absolutely mandatory to check the rules of your country !
you are responsible !


Good flight !



Deflating :

The easiest is to remove of the payload and the string and have the balloon turned upside down (the open end being up at this time the hot air will escape through it). Finish by pushing out any remaining air with your. Store the balloon in a big bag without packing it !

Warning ! when the deflated envelope is left still on the ground under the sun, the temperature will rise quite fast and it may damage the envelope.

Do not leave the empty envelope under the sun !
Do not leave the bag containing the envelope under the sun (or worse into a car parked under the sun) !


in order to improve this site, we need some information about what you have done and how you did it...
In order to better understand the performances of those balloons, it would be interesting to have some data's such as : outside temperature, inside temperature , altitude, atmospheric pressure, diameter and volume of the balloon, envelope thickness, maximum load lifted, actual load of the day, weather, etc.

Thank !


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