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A solar balloon is an ultralight hot air balloon that only uses heat radiation from the sun to provide lift. Experimental technique nowadays, this innovative technique can be used for tethered or free flight, for recreational flying or other uses. The envelope is built from a black polyethylene plastic film 13-15 or 20 microns absorbs incident solar energy.

A small solar balloon 4 meters in diameter can lift 2 kg weight, one of 11 meters diameter can lift 55 kg, one of 14.5 meters diameter can lift 120 kg, etc.....


miniballon   miniballon   tétraèdre solaire ou solar tetroon   petit ballon solaire   grand ballon solaire


Pif gadget - Cylinder balloon

Pif Gadget (in french) : 8 pages scanned from the June 1982 special edition.

a cylinder 3m long, 3m circumference ; that was about 95cm diameter.
It had quite a success on the beaches during the 1982 summer !

Saucisse (in french)



The smallest solar balloon! Built with black plastic trash bags! It lift 80 grams!

Build it in your living-room !

A solar mini-balloon can be built and used by childrens.
It can be made in your living-room with everyday materials : adhesive tape, black plastic trash bags, scissors, etc....
It will demonstrate the possible use of the sun's energies !


Small diameter solar ballloon

A small diameter solar balloon can be used :


Large diameter solar balloon

A large diameter solar balloon can be used :

Solar balloons used for human flight are fitted with a valve at the top, rotation panels and ballast bags.

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